Tshepiso Dumasi Foundation

Birthing visionary leaders

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•This is the foundation of the program, the most important part of a human body is spirit

•We believe that if we can connect the body with the spiritual man then young people will discover the most elusive question, “Why was I born”?

•The spirit man will connect the young person with their Maker thereby discovering themselves


•Young people must be involved in sporting activities as this will enhance their brain. An active body will help the brain to be clear

•Involve sports people in activities such as soccer, golf and athletics

•Partner with institutions which offer these activities


•Education and knowledge are the key social emancipation

•The 12 month program focuses on exposing the leader in our young people.

•We believe that you are born a leader, we need to expose, mentor and nurture those qualities through a leadership program

•The program will help the young person to discover their purpose


"Young men will see visions"